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Toxic Truths: Why you need to stop cleaning with bleach

Bleach has been used in household cleaning since the 1950s.  But just because we've done something for a long time, doesn't mean it's the right way.   We're bringing you the toxic truths about bleach, and why you should stop cleaning your home with it.  Let's go...

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How to travel (nearly) plastic-free

It's the first real summer holiday season in over two years, and for many, that means an opportunity to travel again.  But perhaps now more than ever, we should be thinking about how we can lower our impact whilst enjoying that much-needed break.  This Plastic-Free July we wanted to share some of our tips for travelling more sustainably and how to travel (nearly) plastic-free...

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Toxic Truths: How Much Do You Really Know About Your Laundry Products?

The average home of four does between 8-10 loads of washing each week, that's up to 40 each month, and over 500 each year.  Basically, we do a lot of laundry!    So, why are we not paying more attention to what we're washing our clothes with?   Because the laundry industry is hiding some pretty dirty secrets.  We're here to tell you what's really in your laundry products...

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Meet our Suppliers: Seep

In our Meet our Suppliers series we introduce you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes.  This month, meet Seep.  We spoke to founder Laura about how they got started & what she loves the most about running a business.

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Top Tips To Help You Start Cleaning When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

This week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. We've talked about the ways cleaning can improve our mental health in the past. But what about the times when you're feeling stressed & overwhelmed by the cleaning you need to do? Here at cleen we've come up with a set of top tips to help you get started when you're feeling overwhelmed...

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