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Can cleaning improve your mental health?

A tidy home is a tidy mind, we've all heard it right?  This World Mental Health Day we wanted to find out if that's really true by exploring the links between cleaning and mental health.   I've long praised the joys of cleaning, and often describe it as my therapy, so I was delighted to discover there is actually some science to back it up.  For instance, in 2014 the journal Mindfulness found that participants who took part in ‘mindfully’ washing the dishes reported a 27% reduction in nervousness, along with a 25% improvement in ‘mental inspiration’.  And a study published in "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin," found that people who described their living spaces as cluttered were more likely to be depressed than people who described their...

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My Chemical Romance: Why I Broke Up with Toxic Cleaning

Cleaning was my first love.  As a teenager, it swooped in like a knight in shining armour, bringing control and order to the chaos.  With music blasting out of my 5 Disc CD Player and a duster at the ready I would spend hours engulfed in the fumes of Flash, CIF & Mr Sheen for the satisfaction I got from sparkling surfaces. The thrill didn't stop there.  With a merry-go-round of latest products to discover - you know the type that promised to wipe all your problems away, candy-coloured with a scent that would stick around forever. But like most first loves, it wasn't to last.   As I got into my twenties, and like most twenty-somethings do, became more conscious of not just myself but the...

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7 Simple Ways to Save Water

Water is a precious & essential natural resource, quite literally we could not live without it.  But climate change is driving shortages and this is putting pressure on our already depleting supplies.  In fact, 12 out of the 23 water companies in England are rated as being under ‘serious’ stress right now.  This is set to increase, and latest reports show that by 2050 we could could face major shortages across the UK.  So now more than ever it is vital we all do our bit to save water.  Here at cleen. we have put together 7 simple ways to help you do just that: 💧1) Turn off your tap when you're brushing your teeth, washing the dishes & cleaning 💧2) Save...

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