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7 Simple Ways to Save Water

Water is a precious & essential natural resource, quite literally we could not live without it.  But climate change is driving shortages and this is putting pressure on our already depleting supplies.  In fact, 12 out of the 23 water companies in England are rated as being under ‘serious’ stress right now.  This is set to increase, and latest reports show that by 2050 we could could face major shortages across the UK. 

So now more than ever it is vital we all do our bit to save water.  Here at cleen. we have put together 7 simple ways to help you do just that:

💧1) Turn off your tap when you're brushing your teeth, washing the dishes & cleaning

💧2) Save up your dirty clothes and always make sure you do a full load

💧3) Steam your veggies and use the leftover water for stock 

💧4) Swap your bath for a short shower

💧5) Fix any leaky taps (this can save as much as 60 litres of water a week!)

💧6) Cut down on meat and dairy, and eat seasonal vegetables

💧7) Collect rainwater to water your plants and garden

These simple behaviour changes can make a real difference in preserving water for the future.

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