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Are your cleaning products Vegan?

If you're trying Veganuary this year or just starting to explore more planet-friendly choices, chances are you've started to work out what to eat, but have you thought about how to clean your home?  The reality is an overwhelming amount of high street cleaning products contain animal-derived ingredients meaning they're not ethical, eco-friendly or cruelty-free. 

Here's some ingredients to avoid when you're shopping: 

🚫 Beeswax: derived from bees - often found in furniture/wood polish.

🚫 Lanolin: derived from sheep's wool - often found in laundry/fabric conditioners.

🚫 Caprylic Acid: derived from cow's milk - often found in disinfectant/sanitiser sprays. 

🚫 Tallow: derived from beef fat - often found in soap. 

🚫 Oleyl Alcohol: derived from fish - often found in cleaning foams or creams.

We proudly only stock vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free cleaning products in our eco-friendly cleaning subscription box and bundles.  So you can shop safe with us.

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