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How can I avoid greenwashed cleaning products?

In our last blog we wrote about greenwashing - the practise of making products or services appear more sustainable and environmentally friendly solely for the purpose of marketing and PR.  

So, how can you avoid greenwashed cleaning products? 

Here's our guide: 

🔎 Research companies + brands:  we'd really recommend focussing on the whole brand (not just a product in their line) because it's important their entire business practises are geared towards high standards of sustainability.  A good example of this might be an "eco collection" alongside the usual single-use plastic bottles filled with harmful toxic chemicals - the reality is that new line is likely greenwashed.

🔎 Read ingredients: when it comes to cleaning products, always read the ingredients, check for use of petrochemicals and animal ingredients as these are harmful to the environment.  We put together a blog about the animal ingredients to avoid + where you might find them here.

🔎 Learn labels you can trust: a brand can put words like natural, organic and eco-friendly on their products but if it doesn't have a certification label, it may not be. When it comes to cleaning, we'd recommend looking for labels like these: 


🔎 Don't forget about packaging: look for options without single-use plastic, and where plastic is used try to make sure it's from recycled materials. We are big fans of refillable cleaning products as it helps reduce the amount of packaging used by the industry and reduce the waste from our homes.

Here at cleen, we've done all this research for you.  We only source non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free AND eco-friendly cleaning products & accessories for our subscription box and bundles.  

Find out how it works and get started here.

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