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Top Tips To Help You Start Cleaning When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

This week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. We've talked about the ways cleaning can improve our mental health in the past. But what about the times when you're feeling stressed & overwhelmed by the cleaning you need to do?
Here at cleen we've come up with a set of top tips to help you get started when you're feeling overwhelmed: 
🧼 Start small:  stop worrying about doing a big clean, and start with the quick wins! Pick a task to start with and make it as easy as possible like wiping down the surfaces, or hoovering the floor. 
🧼 Make a list: write down what you need to do.  Getting it all down on paper will help you feel more organised about what you need to do.  
🧼 Create a morning & evening routine:  keep on top of the everyday chores by creating a ritual. We'd recommend a quick kitchen clean in the morning, and a living room spruce up in the evening. 
🧼 Set a timer for bigger tasks: set a timer of 20 minutes for the big tasks, and then take a break. This way we train our brains to associate cleaning with short, relaxed bursts rather than a never-ending chore.
🧼 Ask for help: we all need help sometimes, share the load with others in your home and delegate tasks that need doing.  You'll have your house sparkling in no time.
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