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How to travel (nearly) plastic-free

It's the first real summer holiday season in over two years, and for many, that means an opportunity to travel again.  But perhaps now more than ever, we should be thinking about how we can lower our impact whilst enjoying that much-needed break. 

This Plastic-Free July we wanted to share some of our tips for travelling more sustainably and how to travel (nearly) plastic-free: 

🌴 Pack your reusables

Be sure to take your reusable water bottle, coffee cup, bag and even cutlery with you!  It means you'll avoid any disposable items whilst in train stations, airports & on holiday.  We love Chilly's bottles for our water and Circular & Co. for our coffee.

🌴 Take your toiletries 

Avoid hotel miniatures & all that single-use plastic by taking your own toiletries.  We love decanting any of our liquid products into reusable bottles, and of course, packing a shampoo bar.  

🌴 Plan your packing

Make sure you've planned what you need to take with you, it's the best way to avoid any last-minute airport buys.  I never travel without my Face Halo which takes all my make-up off without the need for a cleanser, and my vegan Estrid razor.

🌴 Shop & eat locally  

Once you're away, try to eat & shop as locally as possible avoiding supermarkets and choosing local markets instead.  This is a simple way to reduce your impact and avoid single-use plastic where possible.

Travel safe! 

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