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Meet Our Suppliers: Moonie

It felt about time we introduced you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes.  First up, meet Moonie.  We spoke to the mother & daughter duo about their mission to make eco-friendly products more affordable, accessible and attainable. 

✨ What do you make?

We make everyday eco essentials such as Reusable Cotton Pads, Eco Soap Dishes and Reusable Bin Liners.  All of our products are sustainable, low-waste and eco-friendly.  We hand make all of them from our studio in Dorset.

✨ How long have you been running?

We first had the idea over 8 years ago, but it wasn't until we both became unemployed last year that we gained the courage to follow our passion and start a family business.  Last month we celebrated our first anniversary! 

✨ What's your favourite part of running a small business?

It's amazing to see customers use and love our products - that's what it's all about!  To know we are creating a business for good and designing products that have a positive impact is just the best. 

We feature Moonie's gorgeous Dishwashing Soap Bar and Compostable Cloths in our subscription box.  Find out how it works and get started.  

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