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Meet our Suppliers: Seep

In our Meet our Suppliers series we introduce you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes. 

This month, meet Seep.  We spoke to founder Laura about how they got started & what she loves the most about running a business.

✨ What do you make?

We make eco-friendly cleaning tools and other household essentials like sponges, cloths, bin liners and washing-up gloves. They're either compostable or endlessly recyclable and designed to work just as well as the traditional plastic and polyester products.

✨ How long have you been running?

 We launched at the end of 2020 - we're a lockdown business but the idea I had been thinking about for a couple of years before plucking up the courage to do it!

✨ What's your favourite part of running a small business?

I absolutely love speaking to customers and people directly about our products and how to make them better. We've spent a lot of our first 18 months stuck behind screens at home and it's so easy to forget that their are amazing stories and experiences that people want to share. We're trying to do more in-person events over the next few months so that we can meet more of our customers in person and talk about how we want to make a difference.

We feature Seep's incredible compostable sponges in our subscription box and cleaning bundles. Get started or shop our bundles now.

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