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My Chemical Romance: Why I Broke Up with Toxic Cleaning

Cleaning was my first love.  As a teenager, it swooped in like a knight in shining armour, bringing control and order to the chaos.  With music blasting out of my 5 Disc CD Player and a duster at the ready I would spend hours engulfed in the fumes of Flash, CIF & Mr Sheen for the satisfaction I got from sparkling surfaces. The thrill didn't stop there.  With a merry-go-round of latest products to discover - you know the type that promised to wipe all your problems away, candy-coloured with a scent that would stick around forever.

But like most first loves, it wasn't to last.  

As I got into my twenties, and like most twenty-somethings do, became more conscious of not just myself but the world around me. I started to discover the frightening impact my chemical romance was having.  All those products that had excited me were hiding a dirty secret; they were full to the brim of harmful toxins.  All those fumes that had enraptured me were in fact endangering my health.  All those hours spent under their spell, and the reality was I was hurting myself, my loved ones and the planet.

So I broke up with the pink potions I could pick up for a pound,  I said goodbye to the bright neon bleach and I started my toxic-free love affair, one I know will last a lifetime.

Here's why you should do the same:

🚫 They pollute our indoor air; most traditional cleaning products are filled with as many as 60 toxins per bottle, known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  These VOCs pollute our indoor air when we clean, and the effect of inhaling these fumes is worrying, from the mild, like contact dermatitis, to the severe, like asthma. 

🚫 They damage our DNA; one of the most frightening discoveries was that these household names were filling their products with Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) more commonly known as carcinogens which are widely known to cause cancer through the damage they do to our DNA.   This article by Breast Cancer UK goes into more detail and we'd recommend the documentary STINK! if you want a deep dive into the topic.

🚫 They hurt our pets; ingredients in cleaning products like chlorine, bleach and amonia can put pets at risk of cancer, anemia and liver or kidney damage.  From the way they pollute the air our pets breathe, to the fact our pets are closer to the floor and may even ingest these products by licking surfaces or chewing fabrics.  

🚫 They harm ecosystems; all of these toxins are ending up washed into streams and rivers, polluting our water and causing lasting damage to ecosystems by causing harmful algal blooms that create dead zones & kill aquatic life.  

🚫 They cause waste; let's not forget what these products are packaged in - single-use plastic - and lots of it.  Worse still, most of it is non-recyclable meaning all those bottles under your sink are eventually ending up in landfill somewhere, and not necessarily even in the UK, so the carbon footprint of these traditional cleaning products is overwhelmingly big. 

Like me, you can find a better way. 

And we've made it easy for you with our eco-friendly cleaning subscription box filled with non-toxic products and plastic-free accessories, all made by small businesses right here in the UK.  So you can still find the joy in cleaning knowing that going toxic-free is better for you, your home and the planet. 

Find out how it works and get started on your toxic-free journey. 

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