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Are vegan cleaning products always eco-friendly?

In recent years, we've learnt that those with vegan diets tend to have a lower carbon, water and ecological footprints than their meat or fish eating counterparts. But outside of the diet, there's a whole vegan lifestyle to consider - one free-from any animal products.  And here at cleen, we're most concerned with what that means for our cleaning routine! 

So when we choose vegan cleaning products, are they automatically eco-friendly? 

The short answer is no! 

Whilst not using animal ingredients usually makes the products more ethical, it doesn't necessarily mean they're good for the environment or even cruelty-free.  

Why?  One word - greenwashing.

Greenwashing is where a company makes out their products or services are sustainable and environmentally friendly solely for the purpose of marketing and PR.  

Beware of household & cleaning products that use the fact they're not made with animal ingredients to misleadingly illustrate their eco-friendliness. For example, that surface spray might be proudly vegan but is it packaged in single-use plastic?  That loo cleaner might be free-from animal ingredients but is it made with harmful chemicals that damage our oceans?

For a cleaning product to be eco-friendly we believe it should be: 

  • Made sustainably
  • Naturally derived
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable  

And that's what you'll find in a cleen box.  We do the hard work of researching, sourcing & testing the best eco-friendly cleaning products the UK has to offer so you can trust that what you're getting is truly environmentally friendly.   

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