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Meet our Suppliers: KINN

Each month we introduce you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes.  This month, meet KINN.  We spoke to co-founder Sophie about their mission to help everyone live green lives.  

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How can I avoid greenwashed cleaning products?

In our last blog we wrote about greenwashing - the practise of making products or services appear more sustainable and environmentally friendly solely for the purpose of marketing and PR.   So, how can you avoid greenwashed cleaning products? 

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Are vegan cleaning products always eco-friendly?

In recent years, we've learnt that those with vegan diets tend to have a lower carbon, water and ecological footprints than their meat or fish eating counterparts. But outside of the diet, there's a whole vegan lifestyle to consider - one free-from any animal products.  And here at cleen, we're most concerned with what that means for our cleaning routine! 

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Are your cleaning products Vegan?

If you're trying Veganuary this year, chances are you've started to work out what to eat, but have you thought about how to clean your home?  The reality is an outstanding amount of high street cleaning products contain animal-derived ingredients meaning they're not ethical, eco-friendly or cruelty-free. 

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Meet Our Suppliers: Moonie

It felt about time we introduced you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes. First up, meet Moonie. We spoke to the mother & daughter duo about their mission to make eco-friendly products more affordable, accessible and attainable.

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