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3 Tips For Avoiding Greenwashing on Earth Day

Earth Day was born in 1970 in the US. The annual event brings together millions of people from around the world in support of the environment, highlighting the urgent action we need to take to save our planet.  Earth Day takes place on the 22nd April every year but you can expect the entire month – and especially the week running up to Earth Day (sometimes called Earth Week) – to be a time when environmental issues take centre stage - and rightly so! Unfortunately, a lot of companies will use the process of greenwashing to piggyback on the marketability of Earth Day.  And here at cleen we hate that. Greenwashing is when a company's activities and marketing is intended to make...

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Five ways to make your Spring Clean more sustainable

The evenings are getting lighter, the snowdrops are here and you might even have a vase of daffodils out, so for us cleaning lovers that means one thing right?  Dusters at the ready we are primed to start our Spring Clean!  But this year, more than ever, we should be thinking about how to protect the planet whilst we scrub. 

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Meet our Suppliers: KINN

Each month we introduce you to some of the amazing small businesses we stock in our boxes.  This month, meet KINN.  We spoke to co-founder Sophie about their mission to help everyone live green lives.  

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How can I avoid greenwashed cleaning products?

In our last blog we wrote about greenwashing - the practise of making products or services appear more sustainable and environmentally friendly solely for the purpose of marketing and PR.   So, how can you avoid greenwashed cleaning products? 

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Are vegan cleaning products always eco-friendly?

In recent years, we've learnt that those with vegan diets tend to have a lower carbon, water and ecological footprints than their meat or fish eating counterparts. But outside of the diet, there's a whole vegan lifestyle to consider - one free-from any animal products.  And here at cleen, we're most concerned with what that means for our cleaning routine! 

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