Our Story

We’re a couple (literally!) of imperfect vegans, who love the planet & love to clean.

We started our own sustainability journey four years ago, when we both decided to stop eating meat to reduce our carbon footprint. Since then we’ve made lots of little changes to help protect the environment, and one of them was changing the way we clean. 

Already aware of the effects of plastic pollution, we started to learn more about the harmful chemicals used in traditional cleaning products and the frightening impact they have on both the environment and our health. In search of new options we grew increasingly frustrated with supermarket aisles lined with single-use plastic bottles filled with toxic chemicals, and the ever-growing Hinch Army encouraging overconsumption of them (and even mixing those chemicals, yikes!). At best we could find green-washed products that were being shipped from overseas.  We knew there must be a better way.   

Through endless research we discovered that there was a wealth of amazing eco-friendly cleaning products made right here in the UK.  Unfortunately they weren't always easy to find, some didn't work as well (or smell as good) as others and they definitely weren't available on our high street. This meant shipping lots of different packages to our home, which felt counterproductive knowing that we wanted to lower our impact on the environment, not increase it by generating lots of carbon. Also, all those extra shipping charges cost a bomb!

That sparked the idea for cleen; what if we curated our own mix of conscious cleaning products that really worked and reduced the need to ship lots of different items?  We pictured a subscription box that gave you everything you need to clean your home sustainably, and leave it smelling amazing.  And so cleen. was born to make eco-friendly cleaning accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

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