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Seep Compostable Sponge Scourer

Seep Compostable Sponge Scourer

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Seep's Compostable Sponge Scourer is an incredible plastic-free eco-swap to replace plastic dishwashing sponges.  Perfect for wiping up spills or doing your washing-up.  It's 100% plastic-free and made from cellulose wood pulp and loofah fibre.

How to compost:

  • Once well used, cut up the sponge (this speeds up composting) and place in home compost bin
  • If you don’t compost, you can pop these in your usual household waste and be smug in the knowledge you haven't generated any plastic waste 

🌿 Toxic-Free 🌱 Vegan 💚 Cruelty-Free  

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📦 Plastic-free packaging: all products are safely nestled in eco-flow chips, a planet-friendly alternative to polystyrene that can be dissolved in water or added to a food waste bin.

🌍 Read about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning here.

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